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Gas Leak Detector & Chlorine Residual Analyzer

The Archer Instruments GLD30 Gas Leak Detector is a fixed-installation ambient air monitor, designed to continuously sense the atmosphere for the presence of leaking gas. This device is used to alert operators and plant personnel in the event of Chlorine gas, Sulfur Dioxide gas, or other gaseous chemical leaks. With an Archer Instruments chlorine gas sensor installed near your chlorine cylinders and a properly integrated GLD30 controller, operators and other plant personnel can be assured of automatic notification in the event of a chemical leak. Each GLD30 controller is capable of monitoring up to 4 sensors. These sensors can be for the same or different gases (any combination).

The CRA-7 Chlorine Residual Analyzer is an amperometric “probe-style” chlorine analyzer. Capable of accommodating one or two chlorine sensors with each controller, the CRA-7 is available for the measurement of either Free or Total Chlorine. Additionally, the CRA-7 is offered with an optional pH sensor configuration, for the continuous monitoring of pH levels and (if desired) mathematical compensation for the effects of fluctuating pH levels on Free Chlorine measurement. The Free Chlorine sensor used on the CRA7 is specifically engineered to operate with reduced pH dependence. With this sensor, modest changes in the sample water pH value will have little impact on the Free Chlorine measurement. In most applications, the CRA7 Free Chlorine sensor renders it unnecessary to be concerned about the dissociation of Free Chlorine molecules. In addition to all of the products already described, Archer Instruments also offers many accessory products such as secondary vacuum line check valves, corporation stops and injection quills for injecting chemical solutions into process lines, universal ton container adapters, gas pressure manifolds, isolation valve assemblies, manifold unions, drip leg heaters, and flexible connectors.