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ACV10 Automatic Control Valve

Today, Archer Instruments offers not only a complete range of products to meet nearly any gas chlorination system requirements but multiple lines of such products. We offer five distinct lines of vacuum regulators and even more variety when it comes to ejectors and remote meter panels. If you’re looking for a gas chlorinator that incorporates a built-in glass meter tube for local feed rate indication or even an option rate valve, our Model VR3, and Model VR4 both have what you want. Our Model VR6 and Model SR9 even offer these features as available options, although it is not the intent of their basic design. For applications where the preferred means of automatic switchover is to be able to place one regulator in a standby condition (integral switchover), our Model SR9 meets your need. When a simple and economical design is required, our Model VR6 offers a high-quality “no-frills” solution at an extremely competitive price. And when the application calls for high volumes of gas feed, our Model VR2K accommodates feed rates of up to 2,000 PPD (40 kg/hr).

We manufacture a variety of other core products such as remote meter panels, offering options such as different meter tube lengths and rate valve designs. We offer ejectors with different types of internal check valve designs, as well as optional anti-siphon valves or stainless steel high-pressure plates for applications with unusually high backpressures. Archer Instruments also manufactures several pieces of critical electronic instrumentation. These include the ACV10 Automatic Control Valve, the GLD30 Gas Leak Detector, and the CRA7 Chlorine Residual Analyzer.

The Archer Instruments ACV10 Automatic Control Valve is a microprocessor-based motorized valve, designed to continually and automatically adjust the feed rate in vacuum-operated chemical feed systems. Most commonly used in systems feeding chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide gas, or ammonia gas, the ACV10 is also capable of operating in vacuum liquid feed systems. Gas chlorination systems are the most common application for the ACV10. The ACV-10 Automatic Control Valve is provided standard with an extensive range of user-selectable and user-adjustable capabilities. By accepting input signals from various instruments of PLC / SCADA systems, the ACV10 is designed to automatically adjust the chemical feed rate in response to changes in process conditions such as water flow rates, water quality, etc. Having three analog 4-20mA inputs, two analog 4-20mA outputs, four digital inputs, MODBUS output, and a multi-purpose double throw relay, the ACV10 can perform proportional (flow pacing), residual set-point, compound loop, or step-feed automatic control modes.